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Leaders anticipate change while the losers are left reacting to it.

The ONLY constant is change. And the funny thing about you and I being alive right now is that technology is like a personal trainer pressing the UP arrow on our treadmill, speeding up the business process and causing change to happen faster than ever. We’ve got to keep up or we fall off! 
~ Tony Robbins

Avalanche Multimedia has partnered with some of today's most cutting edge technology minds to bring you the most advanced forms of positioning available in the marketplace!  

Integrated Online Strategies
Video Marketing Consulting

     With so many moving parts the internet has become a huge moving target for most small business owners. Frustration and overwhelm are the two main symptoms a small business owner encounters often.  Having an expert team in your corner that helps leverage this powerful tool will allow you to focus on what you are best at.

     Video is one of the most powerful ways to inject emotion into a marketing message.  As of June 8, 2014,  65% of Google keyword searches return videos in the results.  Having a web video marketing strategy isn't an option any more it's become a necessity.  

Exclusive Product Positioning

     Amazon has grown to be the digital retailer of chioce for many of today's consumers.  As of 7/13 the number of registered users was 209 million.  Take advantage of this massive opportunity to get your product and message in front of millions of consumers who want to buy what you have now.

Exclusive Author Positioning

     Amazon's annual revenue from book sales was approximately $5.25 billion as of 2/14.  Whether you are just starting out or are an advanced expert, speaker, consultant or coach we will help you accelerate your results by sharing today's most cutting edge strategies, tools and resources. 

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